08/07/2012 03:47 pm ET

D.C. Casting Call: 'No More Mess!' Web Series For Neat Freaks And Their Messy Partners

WASHINGTON -- Is your significant other a disgusting slob? Does his or her slobbiness drive you absolutely bonkers? Perhaps being on television will help!

Local production company Third Floor Productions is casting a web series that is sure to do wonders for your relationship:


Calling all neat-freaks living in a world of clutter! Get your house clean and keep it that way.

A new web series is currently casting odd couples that love each other but just can’t stand living together due to the other’s standard for cleanliness (or lack thereof).

We’re looking for newly moved-in couples to participate in this wakeup call for their messy loved one. We’d love to hear from people who have just moved in within the last year.

But wait – there’s a catch! We’re keeping this top secret from your partner until the day our Clean-tervention arrives at your door ready to mop up.

Part mock reality show, part practical joke don’t miss out on the opportunity to draw a line in the dirt and get your other half clean.

Participants will be rewarded for their time with a brand new Dyson vacuum cleaner as well as get their house sparkling clean!

In order to be considered:

• Please submit an email to tfpcasting(at)gmail.com, with the subject line “No more mess!”

• Include: Pictures of yourself, your messy other-half and some of the worst examples of their mess.

• Also include a written bio about why you just cant stand the mess any longer.

• Any video you may have that shows off your personality.

Check out artist Carrie M. Becker's rendering of a trashed Barbie Dreamhouse: