08/08/2012 12:08 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Eraserhead' Soundtrack Reissue: Listen To Young David Lynch's Bathtub Experiments (AUDIO)

It's hard to remember a time when David Lynch wasn't a master of creepy filmmaking. But everyone has a first time, and Lynch’s was "Eraserhead," his first feature film that became a cult classic after countless arthouse screenings and midnight movie circuit runs in the 1970s. The industrial thriller also marked a different kind of outting for Lynch: as musician. Before there was Crazy Clown Time, there was the "Eraserhead" soundtrack, which Lynch created with the help of legendary sound designer Alan Splet.

Yesterday, "Eraserhead" got a second debut, with a reissue of the soundtrack on vinyl. Sacred Bones Records' limited release includes only 1500 new copies of the "industrial hums, buzzes, screeches and screams" Lynch and Splet made in Lynch's bathtub, plus other goodies -- including a 7-inch single of the movie's Fats Walleresque “In Heaven,” sung by Peter Ivers, and the previously unreleased "Pete's Boogie" on a 45. Sacred Bones is also hosting a night of music videos, short films, and a 35 mm screening of the film at San Francisco’s Roxie Theater on August 16.

We've posted the spiffed-up “In Heaven" below. For purchasing information for the rest, head to Sacred Bones website.