08/07/2012 07:18 am ET Updated Aug 07, 2012

Eric Stonestreet Talks About Tweeting Pictures Of His 'Modern Family' Co-Star's Butts On 'Conan' (VIDEO)

Don't worry -- "Modern Family" actor Eric Stonestreet insists he gave his co-star Sofia Vergara full photo approval over a photo he tweeted of her. Stonestreet told "Conan" (Weeknights, 11 p.m. ET on TBS) that he asked permission beforehand and though it was a photo of her butt, Vergara saw nothing objectionable about it.

Stonestreet didn't stop with tweeting Vergara's posterior -- he said he also sent out a picture of Ty Burrell's backside, but that one -- for some reason -- got far less attention, even though he got Burrell's on-screen wife Julie Bowen to pose in the picture with him.

As for comparing their impressions of Vergara -- which seems to be a hobby of the "Modern Family" cast -- we'd definitely have to give the edge to Julie Bowen, who gave her take on her co-stars sexy Colombian accent during her own appearance on "Conan."

"Conan" airs every weeknight at 11 p.m. ET on TBS.

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