08/07/2012 02:58 pm ET

Hannibal Buress Talks Doing Ecstasy, Wetting His Pants At 'SNL' Finale Party (VIDEO)

Attending a "Saturday Night Live" after-party is an experience only a handful of people get to have, but who needs to go when you can hear ridiculous first-hand stories like these?

We already know that this season's "SNL" finale party was off the hook, complete with live karaoke with The Foo Fighters (Kristen Wiig even chipped a tooth), but a new Pitchfork interview with Hannibal Buress tells us things got even crazier than we previously thought.

At his weekly comedy show in Brooklyn, Buress is joined by fellow comedian and Adult Swim show co-star Eric Andre on stage when the two start discussing his "SNL" party experience. As it turns out, a hit of Ecstasy (that probably wasn't given to him by Lorne Michaels) caused him to, um, relieve himself before making it to the bathroom.

It's cool though, he just "danced it dry."

Via The Laugh Button



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