08/16/2012 09:38 am ET

Ideas For Change: Karen Armstrong On Charter for Compassion (VIDEO)

“Never treat others as you would not like to be treated yourself.” Karen Armstrong describes this as the golden rule of spirituality that should be guiding us through life. Religious organizations should be driving the implementation of this rule, but instead are often seen as part of the problem.

Armstrong has been instrumental in crafting and implementing a Charter for Compassion to bring compassion onto the agenda, including a network of compassionate cities. Unless we learn to implement the golden rule and become activists in compassion to counter the activists in hatred, Armstrong says, we are not going to have a viable world for the next generation.

The one-on-one session with Karen Armstrong, Charter for Compassion can
be found here. The full session can be found here.

A former Catholic nun who left her order to study at Oxford, Karen Armstrong has become an internationally renowned religious scholar. A provocative, original thinker on the role of religion in the modern world, she has written numerous books on the commonality between the major religions, and explores how religious faith has shaped world history and drives current events. A passionate and powerful voice for peace and understanding, Armstrong has driven the Charter for Compassion, a document around which religious leaders and others can work together for peace.