08/07/2012 05:15 pm ET Updated Aug 07, 2012

Lisa Manzella, Shelby Township Politician, Fights Blogger At Polling Location (VIDEO)

The above video contains offensive language.

A polling locale for Michigan's August primary elections turned into the site of a political brawl on Tuesday afternoon, as a local political candidate, her husband, a supporter and blogger were filmed fighting outside an elementary school.

Shelby Twp. Clerk candidate Liza Manzella, a current municipal trustee, is videotaped engaging in a physical and verbal altercation with a political blogger caught painting graffiti over campaign signs.

Manzella's husband, Joe Manzella, along with supporter Jean Leman (the wife of Shelby Twp. Supervisor candidate Bob Leman) are also present during the threatening, pushing and shoving captured on video.

Metro Detroit's Shelby-Utica Patch, which posted the video of the fight (NSFW due to language), reported that local blogger Matt Guarnieri parked his truck in front of a polling location at Crissman Elementary School on Tuesday afternoon. He is then shown spray-painting the word "CORRUPT" in red paint on campaign signs.

According to the video, Leman is the first to confront Guarnieri.

"Someone call the police!" hollers Guarnieri, as Leman is shown grabbing a damaged sign from his truck and running away.

Manzella and her husband (in a campaign vehicle) quickly arrive, and a skirmish breaks out. The adults are filmed screaming and hurling obscenities at each other in front of the elementary school and polling location.

The police were called to the scene minutes later. No arrests were made, but Patch says that an investigation is continuing.

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