08/07/2012 08:49 am ET Updated Aug 07, 2012

'Locked Up Abroad': Guerilla Gives Unexpected, Brutal Medical Care To Prisoner (VIDEO)

The story of Paul Winder and Tom Hart Dyke was chronicled with re-enactments on National Geographic's "Locked Up Abroad" (Mon., 10 p.m. ET) and the two British hikers admitted later that they were stupid for being in a dangerous area when they attempted to cross from Panama to Colombia.

The men were searching for rare orchids when they were taken by guerillas, who told them their freedom would cost them $10 million. All in all, though, they weren't treated all that terribly, according to the BBC. One captor even helped one of the hikers, whose leg was infected with maggots.

Then, just as mysteriously, after nine months of captivity, they were set free. Their captors told them if they saw them again, they'd be killed. It took eight days of hiking through the jungle before the men were rescued and able to go home. Paul and Tom admitted they were lucky to be alive.

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