08/07/2012 02:17 pm ET Updated Aug 14, 2012

Megan Rossee: Michael Phelps' Girlfriend Is An Aspiring Model (PHOTOS)

After months (well, days) of speculation, the "mystery blonde" on Michael Phelps' arm has finally been revealed. The lucky lady that calls herself his girlfriend is none other model-slash-cocktail-waitress Megan Rossee. After attending a Speedo event in London on Monday with Phelps, the 25-year-old blonde has been not-so-unwillingly thrust into the spotlight. But what do we really know about Megan in relation to the fashion industry?

We decided to do some research to see what we could dig up about Phelps' new gal. Unfortunately, her website ( doesn't seem to be working, so we already know that she's not so great at holding on to her domain names. Here are a few other things we've learned about Megan Rossee:

  1. According to her Model Mayhem profile, the past couple of months have "turned out to be very busy" (very subtle, Megan) so she'll no longer be accepting any unpaid modeling gigs without hair and makeup, thank you very much.

  • Oh yah, and she doesn't do nudes so don't hold your breath for any naked pictures surfacing online.
  • At 5 foot 10 inches, she has the genetic fortune to wear a mere size 7 shoe. And since most models are at least a couple of shoe sizes larger than that, that means more free footwear for Megan!
  • Megan is really more of a photographer (kind of). Even though she didn't pique photographers' interests while sitting on the sidelines of Phelps' races (there don't seem to be any pictures of her from the Olympics thus far), one might say she prefers to be behind the camera sometimes because she LOVES taking pictures of her new boyfriend and tweeting them (or just tweeting at him and calling him "Bear").
  • Speaking of her Twitter account, she retweets Kate Middleton's fan account -- at the very least, she has good taste in role models.
  • So, until Megan decides to give her inevitable slew of interviews, this is what we know about Ms. Rossee other than the fact that she's Michael Phelps' girlfriend and she's pretty. And blonde. Do you think we'll be seeing more of her around the fashion industry? Perhaps she could even give Kate Upton a run for her money.

    Here are a few snaps from Megan's Instagram account to give you some more insight.

    Megan Rossee's Instagrams

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