08/07/2012 07:13 pm ET

Oakland Pot Theft: Attempted Robbery At Chinatown Marijuana Grow House Ends In Death (VIDEO)

An attempted robbery at a downtown Oakland home containing a legal marijuana grow operation resulted in the death of one thief and a precarious situation for the homeowner.

When police arrived on the scene at 5am Monday, one thief had already been shot and killed by the home's caretaker. Two more would-be robbers were able to escape before police arrived at the scene.

Inside the house, officers discovered a legal medical marijuana grow operation, with an estimated 100 plants. Authorities told CBS it was clear that the robbers were after the marijuana.

The resident, whose name was not released, provided paperwork showing that the pot growing operation was legal. An investigation is still underway to verify the documents.

"We still want to confirm," said police Lt. Kevin Wiley to the San Francisco Chronicle. "Just because you have a piece of paper doesn't necessarily mean it's legitimate. So there's a lot more work for the investigators to follow up on."

The owner of the grow house is currently in police custody and a search of the Chinatown area for the other two robbers, described as Asian males, is underway, reported KTVU.

The house is located on Seventh Street near Webster Street, just two blocks from Oakland police headquarters, in Oakland's Chinatown neighborhood.

Watch this video courtesy of CBS for more, and check out all the local pot shops that have been shut down:

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