08/08/2012 09:00 am ET Updated Aug 09, 2012

Learn Olympic Sports In Miami: Where To Take Classes, Lessons, Or A Punch To The Face (PHOTOS)

With the 2012 Olympics shortly coming to a close, where are you supposed to get your fix of patriotic sporting events? Besides waiting another four years, you could indulge in the Olympics yourself by becoming one of the athletes -- well, sort of.

Emulate our own Danell Leyva and take a gymnastics course for adults, or release your inner boxing champion and throw on some gloves at the gym. Miami even offers lessons for even more obscure sports: learn the art of archery in a class with friends, or yell "En garde!" as you wield your epee in a fencing match.

Maybe if you practice enough, we'll see you on the big screen in Rio! Here's where you can take classes, lessons, or right hooks to the jaw, right here in town:

Become An Olympian