08/07/2012 11:07 am ET Updated Aug 08, 2012

Roy Antigua's Breadth Of Fake Identities Stump Cops Trying To Unravel Mystery Man

What a poser.

He had an enormous cache of identification cards -- from military to police to federal agency badges -- radio equipment, diplomatic license plates, ammunition, and even a full NASA flight suit and helmet at his home in Florida

Now police are trying to find out whether Roy Antigua is a master of disguise, or just a really good party crasher.

"We need to know from start to finish: Who is Roy Antigua? What have been his activities and behaviors?" New Port Richey Police Chief James Steffens said at a news conference Monday, according to Patch. "We want to know if he is a threat or is he living a very active fantasy life."

Antigua, 52 was arrested on Aug. 1 after previous meetings he'd had with police just didn't add up.

In May, Antigua met Steffens at a Memorial Day ceremony. He wore the blue uniform of a lieutenant commander in the U.S. Coast Guard and handed the chief of police a shoddy identification card while asking a few questions about the proceedings. Further investigation revealed that Antigua had about 200 suspicious items linking him to fraud, CNN reported.

Police recovered items such as service medals, flashing blue lights for his vehicle, medical equipment, and even boy scout leader uniforms.

Antigua allegedly copped to fabricating most of the credentials found at his home, including the Coast Guard getup. But he was only charged with a probation violation and driving with a suspended license, as it's unclear whether he's committed any other crime.

The investigation continues as cops pore over the other items in his stash. Who is the real Roy Antigua? Why did he have so many disguises? Who did he defraud, if anyone? Did he go to outer space?

Police need your help. Anyone with information should call New Port Richey police at 727-841-4553



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