08/07/2012 12:01 pm ET Updated Aug 09, 2012

Lunch Bag Art: Derek Benson, Dad, Sends Kids To School With Beautifully Decorated 'Conversation Pieces' (SLIDESHOW)

Derek Benson may believe he's "just the embarrassing dad" -- but we disagree and have a feeling his kids do too.

The video game developer sends his children to school with beautifully decorated brown lunchbags that are both "conversation pieces" (as he describes them) and works of art.

Benson has been documenting his projects since 2008 on Lunch Bag Art -- a Tumblr that reveals his very wide range of interests (he's inspired by everything from old movies and fantasy characters to the works of Harper Lee and Ray Bradbury). Each bag is completed in 20 minutes or less -- that's more time than some kids get to eat lunch at school -- and anyone interested in following his example can get a glimpse of his creative process here.

While Benson himself is the lunchbag art mastermind, he told The Huffington Post that his kids aren't shy about getting involved. His middle schooler often "editorializes" -- or, more bluntly, she tells him he's "doing it wrong."

The lunchbags are more than just a creative outlet for dad; Benson hopes they also boost his kids' confidence and help them make friends. In response to a Tumblr follower's question earlier this summer, he explained: "The kids like it. It’s an icebreaker in class for them. They get a little extra attention, and I hope a little more confidence. ... Also, my 8-year-old son takes art requests from girls in his class and delivers them the next day."

Click through the gallery below and vote for your favorite lunchbag!

Lunch Bag Art