08/07/2012 03:47 pm ET

Slim Thug Pens New Book 'How To Survive In A Recession' Offering Personal Finance Advice

Slim Thug: hip hop artist, real estate investor, devoted Suze Orman fanboy.

The hip-hop artist is so devoted that he followed Orman's lead and wrote his own personal finance advice book, called "How to Survive In A Recession." (Hat tip: Time's Moneyland blog.)

For the most part, the advice Slim offers in the 47-page ebook is nothing new: Spend less than you earn, don't waste your money, negotiate everything and have a financial backup plan.

But the way he delivers that advice makes it the most riveting personal finance book of the year. "I'm trying to show the right ways to stack paper," he writes.

As Moneyland pointed out, the rapper has been obsessed with bean counting since the recession began, as well as how the economic downturn has affected the black community.

“I’m sick of this cycle,” Slim told MTV's RapFix in a recent interview. “We always at the bottom as black people."

While his personal finance advice is super solid and likely to save you some money if you follow his rules (e.g. save 50 percent of every check you earn), the actual cost of the ebook -- $9.99 -- is kind of steep for something not much longer than a pamphlet.

We zeroed in on some of the most essential tidbits in our slideshow below: