08/08/2012 03:38 pm ET Updated Aug 08, 2012

Apple Store Kidnapping Thwarted: Brittany Carter Rescued By Fast-Thinking 'Genius' Employee

Turns out the Apple Store Genius Bar is staffed by more than just tech-savvy hipsters. At least one of these "geniuses" deserves to be called "hero," after coming to the rescue of a citizen in distress.

That's what one Apple Store employee was able to do this past weekend in Louisville, KY. This "Genius," as some Apple Store workers are called, was able to help victim Brittany Carter escape her alleged kidnapper.

According to WDRB, Carter had met a man identified as "Greg" several week earlier. The man then contacted her and scheduled a date for Saturday night, August 4. But the evening took a dramatic turn when "Greg" showed up to Carter's house with a gun.

The man, whose real name is Victor A. Sarver, Jr., is said to have held the gun to Carter's leg and forced her into driving to several stores throughout area, purchasing cellphones with her money and in her own name. The spree ended at an Apple Store in Oxmoor Mall, just before 9 p.m.

The Courier-Journal obtained a copy of the police report and noted that "the victim had an opportunity to tell the clerk that she needed help." The unnamed Apple Store "genius" then discretely contacted security, who protected Carter while police arrived to arrest Sarver, who was charged with kiddnapping and robbery.

On a lighter note, Twitter found some humor in the situation. The Next Web noticed a few funny posts suggesting apple customers reach out to their iDevices in moments of need:

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