08/08/2012 01:26 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Bacon Song From Weebl's Stuff (VIDEO)

Sometimes we think bacon is finally "over." Then something like this happens and makes us all go bananas for strips of pork candy again. This video, simply titled "Bacon" comes to us from the insane nerds (we say that lovingly, for real) at Weebl's Stuff. To prepare you, this video is probably what would happen if Gorillaz teamed up with Snoop Lion to produce our nightmares after we eat too much late at night.

We'd definitely let the Meat Wizard walk through our office anytime he'd like. Especially if he's going to be shouting "VEGEMETARIAN."

If, by chance, you are all baconed-out, but are not stupid-videoed-out: Weebl made you a video about seafood playing musical instruments. We couldn't resist watching it, obviously. And now, we can't resist sharing it with you. If anything, at the end you will know what a glockenspiel sounds like and what makes shrimp different from prawns.

Weird on, weirdos!

[via Buzzfeed]



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