08/08/2012 03:52 pm ET Updated Aug 31, 2012

What's The Best Cheese For A Grilled Cheese Sandwich?

We're a pretty easy going bunch, but there are a few things we'll get into a fistfight over. One of those things is the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. The cheese you choose for your sandwich says a lot about you as an eater. Do you prefer a gooey, creamy cheese or a chewy, stringy cheese that will put up a fight?

This iconic sandwich is so popular and so satisfying, we know we're not the only ones who have strong feelings about how to make them. So for now, lay down your weapons in regard to whether to toast with butter or dry, whether to butter the bread or the cooking surface: this battle is all about the cheese.

Here's how this thing will work:
  • Starting today at 4:00pm Eastern, vote for your first-round picks.
  • Tomorrow, August 9th at 12:00am Eastern, Round Two will begin.
  • Friday, August 10th, at 12:00am Eastern you'll be able to start voting in Round Three.
  • Round Three will last until Monday, August 13th at 12:00am Eastern, to make sure any slackers get their final Grilled Cheese Deathmatch picks in.

Let the gooey battle begin!



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