08/08/2012 02:35 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

'CRAFT WARS' RECAP, SEASON 1 EPISODE 7: Jewelry And Grammy Structures (VIDEO, POLL)

Last night's "Craft Wars" was music to our ears as judges Erica Domesek, Stephen Brown and Jo Pearson along with host Tori Spelling put the crafters to the test with all instrumental-related DIYs.

The "Pop Craft" challenge was particularly exciting as the three contestants had one hour to create jewelry using different styles of headphones. Cole went with a matching bracelet and necklace made from headphone jacks, while Claudia made the same accessories but in an '80s-theme. Minda decided to step outside the box with a whimsical owl brooch.

The judges sent Claudia home and Minda and Cole advanced to the "Master Craft" round where they had five hours to create a music-related structure what would be displayed in the Grammy Museum, using different types of metals and musical instruments.

Surprisingly, each had completely different ideas for what represents their favorite tunes. Minda created a snake with different scales made from denim and vinyl -- very rock and roll. It was definitely hardcore, but once she covered the bottom of the craft in glitter, it became a little muddled.

Cole crafted a giant Grammy Award out of copper tubing and duct tape. He then took a blow torch to the tape to create a cool texture. This technique has us blown away (no pun intended), making him the winner on last night's episode.

The new fabulous crafting techniques we learn on this show are one of the reasons it's so appealing and fun to tune into.

Watch the video above to see the structures from the "Master Craft" challenge and let us know: Which did you like the best? And be sure to follow us on Twitter when we live-tweet the show every Tuesday at 8 PM EST.

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