08/08/2012 09:14 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Lady Starlight Shows Us Why She's More Than Lady Gaga's Best Friend (VIDEO)

Lady Starlight is an eccentric go-go dancer/DJ/party animal that has been on the music scene long before Gaga was famous. In fact, the duo performed together back in the day and have remained close friends ever since. And similar to Gaga, Lady Starlight has a style that is all her own. She recently invited Stylelist Blogger Network members Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum of StyleLikeU into her home to get a better idea of where she draws inspiration and dishes on why she insists on wearing a studded collar necklace with everything (even sweatpants).

Although the Albany native is brimming with confidence, this was not always the case. Ostracized as a child (maybe because she shaved her head in high school), she found solace in music through the likes of Tom Petty and Cheap Trick. She later moved to London where she found her own niche (full-on '70s glam) and started throwing parties.

Starlight has always felt that she is "from a different realm" and her closet is a testament to that statement. Fond of anything futuristic (think custom-made reflective jumpsuits), she is also the proud owner of silver leather pants and a matching jacket. Always trying to strike a cord (even if it's a bad one), Starlight will wear anything, even if it's the "worst thing to wear." Her mantra, “If everything is the same, nothing is special" is something she lives and breaths.

Watch the video above to find out the garment that is going to be left to Lady Starlight in her father’s will.

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