08/08/2012 11:42 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Natural Beauty Products That Have 5 Ingredients Or Less

Reading the back of your shampoo bottle can sometimes be a little horrifying. Not only are some ingredient lists lengthy, they can be impossible to understand. (Distearyldimonium chloride? Say that ten times fast.) We'll get off our soap box now, but it got us thinking: When did our beauty products get so complicated?

That was until a week ago when we discovered the Brooklyn-based skincare line Sprout. Once we got past the charming packaging, we noticed the very lean ingredient list. Some had three, but no more than five. And all we could pronounce and would happily put on our face. In fact, the incredibly-effective makeup remover was made by someone named "Adam," according to the name sharpied on the back of the label. As endearing (and Brooklyn) as that is, it's kind of nice to know products can be simple and work.

That mission in mind, we're zeroing in on eleven natural beauty items that are light on the ingredients, but still get the job done. As trite as it sounds, the old "less is more" saying totally applies here.

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5 Ingredients Or Less