08/08/2012 10:53 pm ET Updated Oct 08, 2012

Pigeons Of San Francisco

Just so you know, people aren't the only ones allowed a spirit animal. Cities, if they're awesome enough, get allotted holy totems as well. And we all know San Francisco is super special. We believe our town has a signature creature that personifies our idiosyncrasies. It's a ubiquitous being that can both walk the streets and soar above skyscrapers, one that mates with passionate ferocity, and even with a missing foot still struts like a king. So what is San Francisco's spirit animal, you ask? Folks, it's none other than the pigeon.

Our pigeons are no mere flying rats like those foul creatures that crap on famous statues around the world. 

No, they have personalities just like our human inhabitants. In fact, if you look closely, pigeons are really just like us -- they acclimate well to the different neighborhoods where they nest. And so to celebrate our spirit animals, we enlisted two of our favorite local artists, Jeremy Fish and Jayde Cardinalli, to offer you proof of the unique ways these birds have adapted to our city.

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