08/08/2012 05:11 pm ET Updated Aug 09, 2012

School Janitor Falls Down Bleachers; Student Walks By Without Helping (VIDEO)

What ever happened to good Samaritans?

Watch as someone the video identified as a janitor takes a tumble down the gymnasium bleachers, only to be ignored by a student. Bystanders eventually rush to help the worker, who, fortunately, appears to be unhurt.

Although the video dates back to March 2011, Reddit user condor88 posted it to the forum Tuesday night, claiming to have attended the school.

"I found this video of one of the janitors falling at my school," condor88 wrote about the video. "Watch the girl just ignore it."

The comments reflect various reactions, however. Some users maintain the girl simply didn't see the incident, while others chastise her alleged ambivalence.

In case this video leaves you with slightly less faith in humanity, watch this viral video celebrating good Samaritans. The clip, which was produced by National Australia Bank, is sure to leave you with a smile.



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