08/08/2012 06:29 am ET Updated Aug 08, 2012

'Shipping Wars': Man Cries Over Parting With Life-Sized 'Simpsons' Statues (VIDEO)

TV's favorite family took center stage on a new episode of "Shipping Wars" (Tue., 9 p.m. ET on A&E). It was like a crossover between the reality hit and "The Simpsons" when Jennifer was called on to move life-sized fiberglass statues of the entire Simpson family across the country.

The items were clearly a very dear possession of their owner John. His wife was in the hospital getting an emergency c-section during filming, but he wanted to make sure he was on hand to help Jennifer gingerly load the statues them into her truck.

At one point, he disappeared and Jennifer found him crying. Fearing that something was going wrong with his wife's procedures, she comforted him -- but that wasn't the source of his tears.

"It’s kinda hard seeing them in the back of the truck," he sobbed onto her shoulder.

Jennifer couldn't believe he was crying about the loss of his Simpsons. John was selling them to make some much-needed money for his growing family ... as in growing right now at the hospital while he's crying on her shoulder over the statues.

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