08/08/2012 11:00 am ET

Twitter Gives NYPD Identity Info For User Who Threatened Aurora-Like Shooting At Mike Tyson's Broadway Show (TWEETS)

Following a subpoena issued by the NYPD on Tuesday, Twitter has handed over the account information of the user who threatened to carry out an Aurora-like attack on a Broadway theater.

The social networking site originally denied the NYPD's emergency request to reveal the identity information of the user behind a string of disturbing tweets from @obamasmistress. "This s--t ain’t no joke yo — I’m serious, people are gonna die like aurora," he threatened, referring to the tragedy in Colorado.

The threats were aimed at the Longacre Theatre in Midtown, where Mike Tyson is currently performing a one-man show directed by Spike Lee.

Twitter initially denied the NYPD's request in an email stating the tweets failed to "fall under those strict parameters as per our policies" of what is defined as serious, imminent threats.

As Daily Intel noted, Twitter likely didn't think the tweets were too credible of threats, considering @obamasmistress has also threatened to kill multiple celebrities, including Ellen Page, Wendy Williams and Perez Hilton.


The NYPD thought otherwise, and sent extra security to the Longacre Tuesday.

The New York Times reports NYPD spokesman Paul Browne declined to comment on Wednesday whether investigators have found the user at this time.

Privacy concerns and liability risks make it especially difficult for social media sites including Twitter and Facebook to charter unprecedented waters in the legal realm, but Larry Cunningham of St. John's University sided with the NYPD and said Twitter should have adhered to the initial request on Friday.

"In general, social media outlets do a very good job of cooperating with authorities, but in this case, however, Twitter should have given the information without a court order under their emergency procedures policy. The threats were clear enough," said Cunningham.

See below for @obamasmistress' violent tweets below:



NYPD To Subpoena Twitter Over @obamasmistress Identity