08/08/2012 06:23 pm ET

Usain Bolt Weed Sold At Orange County Pot Shops: Report

In Southern California, it's how you know you're a star.

Local pot growers are bestowing their highest honor on Usain "Lightining" Bolt, the fastest man in the world, by naming a strain of marijuana after him.

At least one pot shop in Orange County is offering the "fast-hitting" strain, called "Usain Bolt OG," as a tribute to the legendary sprinter, reports TMZ.

Bolt made waves in 2009 when he admitted to smoking marijuana when he was younger. In an interview with Bild, he said, "When you're a child in Jamaica, you learn how to roll a joint ... Everyone tried marijuana, including me, but I was really young."

He issued an official apology for copping to pot just days after the interview came out, saying in a statement: "I want to apologise to the Jamaican people if at anytime it may have come across that all young people roll a joint."

Since Bolt's been clean ever since he's been a competitor (and the tests prove it), the only vice critics can pin on him nowadays is a weakness for fastfood. Before he won the gold medal in the Men's 100 meter this week, he said he fueled up with a McDonald's wrap. Bolt also admitted to eating a few chicken McNuggets at the Olympic village, according to Metro.

Eat up, Bolt. You're going to need it for the 200 meter sprint.



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