08/08/2012 04:44 pm ET

World Cat Day: Pancake Snuggles Between His Protectors (VIDEO) (SLIDESHOW)

We just found out that today, August 8, is World Cat Day!

We're big kitty-lovers here at Huff Post Good News. It's been a great year for cats on our pages -- we've featured cats who've saved their owners from diabetic seizures, mommy cats who've taken bullets for their kittens, a cat who helped a boy overcome mutism and another one who walked 6 miles to be reunited with his owner.

To celebrate the general awesomeness of cats, we have yet another ridiculously cute video for you -- of Pancake the kitten snuggling between his two bodyguards, a Doberman and a German Shepherd. In this YouTube video uploaded by user camelsandfriends, the two dogs make it clear that no one, but NO ONE, messes with Pancake.

If you want a little kitty just like Pancake, visit the ASPCA's adopt-a-cat page

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