08/09/2012 07:43 am ET Updated Oct 09, 2012

Daily Kos Poll Shows Widespread Dislike Of Political Media

A new poll has found what most people probably suspected to be true: just about everyone has negative feelings about the political press.

Public Policy Polling surveyed registered voters for Daily Kos and the SEIU, and found that, no matter what their leanings, respondents had little time to spare for political journalists. Asked if they had a "favorable or unfavorable" view of the political media, a staggering 78 percent of people said they had an unfavorable view, with just 10 percent giving the Washington press corps the thumbs-up.

Just to give a comparison, that's seven points lower than Congress got in recent opinion polls -- and nobody likes Congress.

Democrats had more positive feelings than Republicans, with 65 percent of them voting against the press as versus 91 percent of their right-wing brethren.

The results of the poll are not startling. Almost everyone, from left to right, radical to Tea Partier, has developed a detailed critique of the political press -- its relationship to the people it covers, the stories it chooses to highlight, the attention it pays to gaffes, and on and on. Even President Obama has gotten in the game.

The poll also falls right in line with other surveys that show a plummeting of trust in the media as a whole. A recent Gallup poll revealed that Americans have their lowest-ever confidence in television news, with newspapers faring little better.



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