08/09/2012 10:54 am ET

Google Is Full Of Crap: College Humor Takes On The Site's Most Ambitious Inventions (VIDEO)

Don't let the title of this video deceive you: Google is still a wonderful search engine with great April Fools Day pranks and it does occasionally wow us with some futuristic technology. It's just that, well, sometimes they seem to be embellishing a little.

OK, a lot.

Between Project Glass, the self-driving car and some other inventions you might not have heard about (cough Hoverboards cough) College Humor doesn't think Google should be getting us all so excited just yet. In the sketch above featuring Google's top-secret lab, you'll see just how far out-of-reach some of our technological dreams really are.

As a bonus, College Humor also might have come up with the perfect new slogan for the company:

"Give us a break. We're an Internet search company, we don't know how to make cars or magic glasses."



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