08/09/2012 11:11 am ET Updated Aug 10, 2012

McDonald's Parfait Burglar, Christopher McGlauflin, Botches Attempt But Yields Hilarious Video

It's hard to imagine what was going through the head of Indiana man Christopher McGlauflin, who recently tried to knock over a McDonald's in Evansville at night.

Local station WABC tells us that after smashing the eatery's windows to get inside, McGlauflin set upon the cash register -- but he couldn't manage to yank it from the counter. Fortunately, we're blessed with some remarkably hilarious footage of this guy struggling with the register. It's pretty great stuff.

When that didn't work, McGlauflin snagged a handful of yogurt parfaits from a refrigerator. Guess he didn't want to leave empty-handed after all that effort.

But, it was all for naught. When police released the surveillance footage hours later, an officer recognized the suspect from a previous run-in. In some strange twist of fate, McGlauflin happened to be walking by at that moment -- covered in broken glass. He was then arrested and charged with burglary, theft and criminal mischief.

The area's NBC affiliate, WFIE, adds that the attempted burglary occurred around 2:30 a.m. McGlauflin seems to have used a large landscaping rock to break the windows, which was found laying on the floor inside by employees the next morning. The parfaits taken by McGlauflin were value at only about $5, so we have to imagine he realizes the caper wasn't worth the trouble.