08/09/2012 01:42 pm ET Updated Aug 10, 2012

McKayla Maroney Teaches Dougie To Jenna Bush (VIDEO)

Winning so many Olympic medals seems to have left the "Fierce Five" in a generous, sharing mood. Not that these young gymnasts would ever share their medals, of course, but at least one of them has been caught on camera sharing her training secrets sweet dance skills, even offering up an impromptu lesson.

This being the Olympics, that camera happened to belong to Today (according to Deadspin), and the impromptu dance lesson was delivered to Jenna Bush Hager, daughter of the former U.S. president and a correspondent on the morning show.

And the dance? None other than the Dougie, a move coined by Cali Swag District in their music video "Teach Me How To Dougie."

Jenna's version of the Dougie is a little less smooth than Maroney's, but she still gets serious credit for attempting to match moves with a gymnast, in front of cameras, on top of a moving double-decker bus (Bush nearly falls at one point as the bus lurches to a stop).

And this isn't the first time Team USA has shown an affinity for the dance: Gabby Douglas previously busted out the Dougie at the Olympic Trials in early July.

It's also not the first time that Bush showed off some moves on Today, having broke out a few steps to a Michael Jackson tune back in 2011.

WATCH the video, above [via YouTube/kentkoven].



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