08/09/2012 02:50 pm ET Updated Aug 09, 2012

Mitt Romney Motorcade Was Not Chased By Orthodox Jewish Wedding Party

The 2012 campaign took a strange turn Thursday when a Romney pool report indicated the candidate's motorcade was chased by members an Orthodox Jewish wedding party in Lakewood, N.J. It turns out, however, that the wedding party didn't chase them. Instead, it was people nearby waiting for Romney who gave chase, according to an update from Yahoo's Holly Bailey, who spoke with the groom's mother:

Ben Haim, who is from Highland Park, NJ, clarified that the people your pooler spotted running after Romney’s motorcade were not involved in the wedding, but rather had been standing near the wedding party as they posed for pictures outside the venue. She did not know who they were, but guessed they were trying to catch a glimpse of Romney.

Ben-Haim said her family booked Lake Terrace for the wedding "about three or four months ago," but was informed "a week or so ago" by the venue that Romney would be holding a fundraiser ahead of her son’s wedding. She said it was "a nice surprise" and said they are "staunch supporters" of Romney’s bid for president.

Ben-Haim confirmed that Romney did indeed stop by and pose for pictures with the group after he made his remarks at the fundraiser. "He came in and really gave all of his attention to my son and my now-daughter-in-law," she said. (The bride’s name is Zahava.)

She said the campaign had originally limited the wedding party to just two photos with Romney but said the GOP candidate lingered longer than expected. "We ended up taking many more, and we took videos," she said. "He was very gracious. And we were all telling him we were happy that he came to our wedding because we are all very strong staunch supporters of his."

She added that the photos that Romney took made the day "even more special."



Romney Motorcade Chased Off By Jewish Wedding Party