08/09/2012 05:10 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Red Dawn' Poster: How Many Regime Changes Have Been Attempted Since 'Red Dawn' Went Into Production?

Earlier today, the poster for the not-at-all-anticipated remake of "Red Dawn" was released. The original "Red Dawn," released in 1984, presented a nightmare scenario of the then-Soviet Union invading the United States with the goal of overthrowing the government. This was frightening because the Soviet Union was an actual world power. The remake presents North Korea as our would be invaders. This is not frightening because, as a reality, this is impossible. (The original script had China as the aggressors, but was changed.)

"Red Dawn" went into production in May of 2008, was shot in 2009, then was delayed indefinitely as a result of MGM's financial fiasco. (The same problem that plagued "Cabin in the Woods.") It has been so long, in fact, since "Red Dawn" went into production, that there have been numerous instances of actual attempts to overthrow various governments. Ahead, the 27 uprisings since May of 2008.

- August 2008: Mauritania coup

- December 2008: Guinea coup

- January 2009: Madagascar coup

- January 2009: Icelandic financial crises revolution

- February 2009: Malaysia coup

- February 2009: Bangladesh revolt

- June 2009: Honduras coup

- June 2009: Iranian uprising

- February 2010: Nigerian coup d'etat.

- April 2010: Kyrgyzstani revolution

- September 2010: Ecuadorian coup

- November 2010: Madagascar coup

- December 2010: Tunisian Revolution

- January 2011: Egyptian Revolution

- January 2011: Yemeni Revolution

- February 2011: Libyan Civil War

- February 2011: Bahraini uprising

- February 2011: Democratic Republic of Congo coup

- March 2011: Syrian Civil War

- July 2011: Niger coup

- December 2011: Guinea-Bissau coup

- December 2011: Bangladesh coup

- January 2012: Tuareg rebellion against Malian government

- February 2012: Maldives coup

- March 2012: Malian coup

- April 2012: Guinea-Bissau coup (again)

- June 2012: Ivorian coup

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