08/15/2012 05:37 pm ET

Ladies And Gentlemen, The 'Twag' Olympics Have Begun

The London Olympics may be over, but the Twag Olympics never end. What's a "twag" you ask? Thats a Twitter-brag, the kind that doesn't even pretend to be humble. You've seen them. They're those tweets about about exotic vacations, being pretty and hired help that make us groan in our desk chairs. They usually include details of one's fabulous life that are better left un-broadcast. Think Rich Kids of Instagram, sans stylishly filtered photos.

We've come across so many outrageous twags recently that some sort of competition seemed in order. After all, we observed, not all twags are created equal. Thus HuffPost Women presents the Twag Olympics. Read on to find out who wins gold.

Bronze Medalists

Qualifying criteria: These tweets are obnoxious but forgivable. It's tempting to twag about a decadent birthday dinner or the beautiful sunset you see on your hard-earned vacation time. Understood. And while it's better not to talk about your doorman, it's not the worst thing we've ever heard.

Silver Medalists

Qualifying criteria: Silver twags are excessive. The twagger shares that she has recently been on a tropical island or flown first-class or is about to, and she may also allude to her sparkling personality and how impossibly thin she is.

Gold Medalists

Qualifying criteria: To win gold, twaggers have to really go for it. Discussions of one's superior sex life or excessive wealth fall into this category. Bonus points if you do both at once!


This twag is in a class all its own. Also, "husbaby"?

What's the worst twag you've read recently? Retweet it @HuffPostWomen using #twag, and we'll give it a medal.



Rich Kids of Instagram