08/10/2012 11:54 am ET

Ryan Grim Talks Bain Capital's Death Squad Ties On 'Democracy Now' (VIDEO)

On Friday morning, "Democracy Now," a nationally-syndicated independent radio and television program, covered The Huffington Post's recent report on the connections between some of the early investors in Bain Capital and Salvadoran death squads that operated during that country's civil war in the 1980s.

"There’s no possible way that anybody in 1984 could check out these families -- which was the term that [Romney’s campaign] used -- and come away convinced that this money was clean," HuffPost's Washington bureau chief Ryan Grim told Amy Goodman, the host of "Democracy Now."

In the interview, Grim discussed how Mitt Romney met with several Bain Capital investors in Miami in 1984 -- including members of the de Sola, Salaverria and Poma families -- who had close ties to either Salvadoran death squads or the far-right ARENA party, which was founded and led by Roberto d'Aubuisson, a notorious death squad leader.

From 1979 to 1992, El Salvador's civil war left roughly 75,000 dead, with the vast majority of those deaths coming at the hands of the military or right-wing death squads.

Watch the "Democracy Now" segment above.

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