08/10/2012 08:54 am ET

'Big Tiny' On TLC Exclusive Sneak Peek: Meet The World's Smallest Siblings (VIDEO)

Sometimes big personalities come in very small packages -- like in TLC's new series "Big Tiny" (premieres Mon., Aug. 13, 10 p.m. ET), a new series that follows the world's smallest siblings, primordial dwarves Bridgette (Bri) and Bradley (Brad) Jordan.

Bri, 23, is the world's shortest living woman at 27 inches tall (she weighs just 18 pounds), and her younger brother Brad, age 21, is 38 inches tall and weighs 35 pounds. Their dwarfism means they need some extra help getting by, so they still live at home with their mother Christy, a nurse, and older sister Brandi, who jokes that she's the outcast for being average size.

Bri and Brad's dwarfism also means that they'll never do some things that seem "normal" to most people like driving (they ride in car seats), taking showers (they bathe in the kitchen sink) or going grocery shopping (they need help lifting a bag of sugar). But their diminutive size doesn't stop them from following their dreams, including participating in sports.

Check out our exclusive sneak peek of this new series to see Brad at cheerleading practice, showing off some serious tumbling skills.

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