08/10/2012 12:25 pm ET Updated Aug 15, 2012

Brian Regan & Jerry Seinfeld Talk Stand-Up, Jiggling The Handle On 'Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee' (VIDEO)

Comedian Brian Regan joins Jerry Seinfeld for the third installment of his web series, "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee," which, coincidentally, is exactly what it sounds like: just a couple of dudes, driving around, shootin' the sh*t. Eventually, there's coffee.

This time, Seinfeld picks up Regan in a 1970 Dodge Challenger TA and the two gab about this and that, mostly stand-up, like how comedians are really "smart idiots" and how they both wrote a similar joke about making coffee vs. putting a man on the moon.

You also find out why Regan went into comedy in the first place: he just couldn't imaging being able to wake up on time for work everyday if he had a normal job (go figure) and Regan tells a joke about the phrase "jiggling the handle" that literally made us LOL.

Watch the (finally embeddable) YouTube video above and tell us your favorite part in the comments.