08/10/2012 08:21 am ET

'Crazy For The Storm': Sean Penn Lines Up First Directing Job In 5 Years

Sean Penn has a thing for books and survival stories. Five years after directing an adaptation of Jon Krakauer's Into The Wild, Variety reports that Penn is negotiating to return to the director's chair for "Crazy For the Storm," an adaptation of Norman Ollestad's 2009 memoir.

Like its source book, "Crazy For the Storm" focuses on an 11-year-old Ollestad and how he was the lone survivor of a 1979 plane crash in California's San Gabriel Mountains. Ollestad's memoir intercuts first-hand accounts of the crash with remembrances of his father, Norman Sr., a former child actor, FBI agent, author and surfer.

Warner Bros. had picked up "Crazy For the Storm" back in May of 2009, but finally settled on Penn as director after looking at some other options. This would be Penn's fifth feature film as a director, following "The Indian Runner," "The Crossing Guard," "The Pledge" and "Into The Wild." Whether Penn would also appear remains to be seen.

Of course, directing "Crazy For the Storm" puts Penn's involvement with "The Comedian" in some question. The Variety piece makes no mention of the comedy-drama that Penn was set to direct with Kristen Wiig and Robert De Niro in starring roles. Back in January, Vulture reported that the film -- a "King of Comedy"-like dark laugher about an aging comic (De Niro) and the woman who changes his life (Wiig) -- was set to start shooting in the spring. However, it appears that film is still in early development stages.

For more on "Crazy For the Storm," including what lauded director almost got the job, head over to Variety.

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