08/10/2012 01:02 pm ET

Gu Kailai Trial: Bo Xilai's Wife Suffered From Depression, China Media Say

BEIJING — Chinese state media say the wife of the disgraced former Communist Party boss of Chongging was depressed and dependent on medication but was aware of what she was doing when she murdered a British businessman last year.

The official Xinhua News Agency in a report Friday of the trial of Gu Kailai said despite the medical problems Gu "had a clear goal and a practical motive in committing the alleged crime."

Gu's arrest and the ouster of her husband Bo Xilai as Chongqing party chief in March sparked the biggest political turbulence in China since the putdown of the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989. Her tightly orchestrated trial this week was a step toward resolving the scandal ahead of the party's once-in-a-decade leadership transition this fall.