08/11/2012 12:35 pm ET Updated Aug 13, 2012

Ikea Skunk: Animal Sneaks Into Michigan Furniture Store (VIDEO)

When a skunk attempted to enter a Michigan Ikea, was he trying to wreak havoc with his smelly spray, or just hoping to pick up an affordable living room set?

The skunk was shown at the Canton furniture store Thursday in a YouTube video sent to HuffPost Detroit by tipster Margaret Grace. This curious critter is seen scurrying along the front of the building and dashing between the first set of automatic doors.

In a video by another YouTube user, seen above, the cuddly little skunk appears to be trapped between two sets of doors, trying to climb up the glass before being captured in a cardboard box. Talk about bravery! We wonder if he'd have this much courage trying to put together an Ikea bedframe on his own!

Ikea isn't the only store patronized by animals. While furniture shoppers may have been startled by the skunk, it can't compare to the surprise the owner of a Colorado candy shop must have felt when she learned a candy-crazy black bear had visited repeatedly to eat some sweet treats.