08/10/2012 01:01 pm ET Updated Aug 11, 2012

Kate Middleton Tries A Low-Cut Top For Olympics Hockey Match (PHOTOS)

Shocking news out of London today, as the Duchess of Cambridge attended a real live Olympics match! *clutches pearls, passes out from shock*

Just kidding, obviously, as Kate Middleton Goes To The Olympics has been one of August's biggest memes. Catherine has already done the see-and-be-seen thing at Olympics hockey, swimming, tennis, cycling, equestrian, handball and, gosh, probably some other ones she snuck in there, too.

On Friday, she scooted over to another event to watch Team Great Britain take home the bronze medal in the women's hockey match at Riverbank Arena Hockey Centre. At first we yawned, because the appearance was so typical "Catherine watches things"-like: she claps, she beams, she looks nervous during key moments, her hair is super shiny.

But then we noticed her outfit. Not only did the duchess forsake her usual team GB polo for a sleeveless edition, but she paired her white top with a white skirt and a white belt in a look that reminded us of her Alexander McQueen repeat from Wimbledon. On top of her head? Those Gucci sunglasses.

And, wait... that's a pretty low-cut top there, Kate.

If you're suffering from Duchess Catherine Olympics fatigue, good news: the Olympics end Sunday. But for the rest of us, check out pictures below!

Kate Looks Like A Tennis Player

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