08/10/2012 08:08 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Watch Lauren Conrad's Crafty Creations: Use Vintage Books To Make A Pretty Storage Box (VIDEO)

We already knew this reality star turned media mogul could write, and we knew she had great fashion and decor sense, but we didn't know she was so craft-savvy! That was until we were perusing her blog and stumbled across Lauren Conrad's "Crafty Creations" video series, where she explains simple and fun DIYs to try at home.

In her most recent video, Conrad takes old books and turns them into a beautiful (and useful) storage box. What looks to be several volumes on a shelf is actually the disguised box! We personally love this craft idea because it not only makes use of old, already-read books, it also gives us a stylish way to hide items we might not want out in the open (like chargers and office supplies). Plus, it doesn't take long to make either. Don't believe us? Just watch as LC completes this simple craft in minutes.

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