08/10/2012 05:07 pm ET Updated Aug 10, 2012

The Internet's Most 'Important' Comedians? PeekYou Identifies Top 50 'Plugged In' Comics (PHOTOS)

Comedian Rob Delaney may have been recently crowned the funniest person on Twitter, but according to PeekYou, he doesn't even make the top 50 most influential comics on the web.

The self-proclaimed "people search experts" calculated the 50 comedians with the largest digital footprint by comparing their levels of blogging, participation in social networks, prominence in the news, number of friends, followers, or readers and the amount of web content they create, according to their website. You can get an idea of how they calculated the scores by looking at the comedians' individual pages.

Out of hundreds of comedians analyzed (they limited their selection to currently active performers), the top 50 comics were ranked by their "PeekScore," a number from 1 to 10 said to indicate how "important" they are on the Internet.

"This isn’t a gauge nor a comparison of their successes, and surely we are offering no commentary on the quality of their jokes. This is a look at the impressions each of these men and women have made and are making on the Web," the site states.

Needless to say, the results may surprise you. Given the nature of the analysis, legendary comedians who are still performing but lack an online following seem to be missing from the results. Not to mention, some of the people included are often critically panned (we're looking at you, Carrot Top). And perhaps most surprising of all is the fact that, apparently, Russell Brand is the most influential comedian on the Internet. How about that?

Look who made the top 15 below, staring with #15 and working down to #1, and tell us who surprised you the most in the comments. To see who else made the top 50, click over to PeekYou.

Comedians Ranked By Online Influence