08/10/2012 01:46 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Romney Campaign Expects 'Bounce' From VP Pick And Convention

BOSTON -- Mitt Romney's campaign is hoping its candidate's polling numbers follow historical trends after the Republican convention later this month.

"We're looking at getting a VP, slash, convention bounce," said one senior campaign adviser. "It gives us an opportunity to tell a little more about who Mitt is, his background, what he wants to do and then how that's going to differ from what Obama does."

Looking at data from past election years, the Romney campaign found that while incumbent presidents usually receive a 7 point "bump" in polling numbers after their convention, the challenger has gotten, on average, about an 11 point bump. The findings were outlined in a memo previewing the candidate's bus tour scheduled for the next few days, the full text of which is available below.

Romney's personal favorability rating has gone downhill over the past month or two as attacks on his character by the Obama campaign -- which is portraying him as a heartless "corporate raider" unconcerned with the middle class -- have taken a toll.

And a trio of polls out over the last 24 hours have shown Obama opening up a lead of several points over Romney.

But a senior Romney adviser who spoke to the press on the condition that he not be identified said that voters were tuning out the race right now.

"I don't think they're paying that much attention," he said. "If there was movement you would see it in Rasmussen and you would see it in Gallup. And we're not seeing it."

Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom said that the convention and fall campaign will feature more information about who the campaign says the presumptive Republican nominee really is.

"Americans are going to get a real close look at Governor Romney, his wife Ann, and the entire family. And I think that they're going to be impressed by the fact that this is a family that shares their values," Fehrnstrom said.

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