08/10/2012 12:30 pm ET

Super Cat Could Be The Most Bizarre Russian Cat Video Ever (VIDEO)

For whatever reason, Russian YouTubers know their way around a good cat video.

So to uphold the grand national tradition of putting majestic cat content on the web, YouTuber chtozakadrom uploaded "Super Cat." It may be conceptually simple, but the lyrics to the original song are nothing short of inspiring:

super cat /
super cat /
he will protect and save everyone /
he is a millionaire and a cool bro /
in a bitching mask /
is fluffy and awesome /
he only thinks about the fate of the world /
he is not even distracted by cute ladies /
because he has been castrated for almost a year /
super cat /
(coming soon)

We know the Olympics have been going on for a while, but is it too late for Russia to change their national anthem?

Video Via Buzzfeed/Translation Via Animal New York



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