08/10/2012 10:48 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Worst-Dressed List: Jennifer Garner, Pink And 8 More Bad Celebrity Outfits This Week (PHOTOS)

Compiling the week's worst-dressed list always introduces us to a staggering variety of how a harmless outfit can go so wrong. Take a black dress, for instance. If left on its own, you can almost guarantee a spot on the week's best-dressed list.

But if you add a mystifying array of cutouts? You might as well call it a day. And, as Pink shows us, the bad decision just leads to others -- note the evening arm warmers and faux hawk.

To see the full look, along with 9 other bad celebrity outfit choices spotted this week, click through our worst-dressed slideshow below. And, to refresh the eye, check out the week's best-dressed.

Worst-Dressed Celebrities Of The Week