08/11/2012 03:05 pm ET

London Olympics 2012: Which Olympian Are You Tired Of Hearing About By Now?

Usain Bolt wants to play for Manchester United. McKayla Maroney isn't impressed. Michael Phelps has a girlfriend. Ryan Lochte told his mom that he doesn't have time for one.

After more than two weeks of Olympics coverage, we know a lot about the biggest stars in London.

The highest-profile athletes at the London Olympics have become a part of our lives over the better part of the past three weeks. We've invited them onto our tablets, our computer monitors and, via tape delay, into our homes. But are we ready to be rid of some more than others?

As those angry about spoilers can attest, the Olympics have been unavoidable for more than a fortnight. During all of this coverage, certain athletes have been mentioned far more than others. According to Deadspin, for example, three-time Beach Volleyball gold medalist Misty May-Treanor was mentioned 134 times in just four hours during NBC's primetime coverage Tuesday night. On Thursday, Twitter tweeted (obviously) that Bolt had set yet another record by being mentioned in more than 8,000 tweets per minute (TPM) on the occasion of his 200 meter gold medal win.

Which Olympian are you most sick of hearing about?

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