08/12/2012 10:49 pm ET Updated Aug 12, 2012

Paul Ryan Protested During 2011 Rotary Club Visit (VIDEO)

In September 2011, Paul Ryan spoke to a Rotary Club in Greenfield, Wisconsin. During his speech, protesters interrupted the meeting with criticism of the Republican congressman, and as many as a dozen individuals were escorted out of the event. Outside the banquet hall, Ryan supporters and protesters alike gathered, drawing a strong police presence.

According to Muskego Patch, three protesters were arrested.

HuffPost reported at the time:

Ryan attempted to make light of the situation at the start of the event, saying "apparently you Rotarians don't like free lunches either. ... Welcome to a 'new normal' in Wisconsin."

Several protestors who paid to attend the lunch attempted to drown out Ryan by standing and shouting questions during his remarks. One woman asked, "When are you going to create jobs, Congressman?" while another man criticized Ryan for avoiding the topic of unemployment, saying "We're three minutes in and we haven't heard the word 'jobs' yet."

Now as Mitt Romney's running mate, Ryan is even more vulnerable to criticism on his budget proposals -- a line of attack that the Obama campaign adopted as soon as Romney's pick was announced.

(Video above courtesy of Muskego Patch)



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