08/13/2012 02:28 pm ET Updated Oct 13, 2012

23 Actually Funny Web Videos About Sex

Sex is a thing people generally like, like a lot, so videos about said sex tend to get a lot of traffic. Because they're non-stop fountains of clicks, people make a lot of sex-related sketch videos. The problem is most of them are SUPER unfunny. It's not inherently unfunny topic; it's just that it's an arena that attracts the lowest common denominator. The worst of them are like beer commercials but worse and more rapey. The best of them, however, are genuinely very funny. They tap into the absurdity that is a mating ritual not too dissimilar to that of monkeys. And monkeys are funny. Here are 23 that are actually funny and well-written. None feature nudity but, come on, you know they are NSFW. Well, unless you work at some freaky, funky sex dungeon/palace. If so, tell Mistress Diane, I said, "Hi."