08/13/2012 05:57 am ET Updated Aug 13, 2012

Abby Lee Miller Of 'Dance Moms' Guest Stars As Herself On 'Drop Dead Diva' (VIDEO)

Abby Lee Miller proved to be up for poking fun at her on-screen persona when she guest-starred as herself on "Drop Dead Diva" (Sun., 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime). The tough-as-nails "Dance Moms" instructor was brought in as an expert witness, helping to determine if another dance teacher was perhaps too hard on her kids. Abby wouldn't know anything about that, would she?

Jane actually called Abby out on her own behavior, using clips from "Dance Moms" to show how Abby's approach may not have matched what she said an ideal dance teacher should aspire to do for his or her students.

Footage of Jane's client, Deb's mother Bobbie, show a similar intensity. But as Abby pointed out, while both instructors have had success with their students, Abby has never had a child suffer a career-ending injury under her care. That's what Bobbie is getting sued for.

The insurance attorney agreed to pay out $15,000 to the girl's mother, but then Jane turned around and won the case in Bobbie's favor -- even after getting fired from it. After realizing how quickly the ambulance arrived, she got a confession from the girl that she'd really injured herself skateboarding. She was never as into dance as her mother, who was driving both her dancing and the trial.

"Drop Dead Diva" continues every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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