08/14/2012 08:18 am ET

John Coster-Mullen, 'Atomic Truck Driver,' Reverse-Engineered Nuclear Weapons And Built One In His Basement (VIDEO)

The 67th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the only time in history that atomic weapons have been used in war, took place last Thursday with solemn remembrance and hope for global nuclear disarmament.

And while those two fiery blasts permanently altered the dynamic of the world's development, surprisingly little is known about them. The exact specifications for Little Boy and Fat Man, as the two bombs were named, remain classified.

But if John Coster-Mullen is to be believed, their inner workings really aren't that much of a mystery. That's because John, a truck driver from Wisconsin (with no college degree), reverse-engineered the weapons in his spare time.

He then used that knowledge to create the most accurate replica of the bombs ever made, including what the New Yorker termed "spookily exact" reproductions of their interior mechanisms.

CNN reports that Coster-Mullen spent nearly 10 years compiling data for the project, including interviews with 150 scientists and engineers, and analyzing photos. He then assembled the bomb in his basement, aided by his son, Jason.

According to the Daily Mail, the backyard scientist was inspired by his high school physics teacher, who had worked on the Manhattan Project in the 1940s.

“The secret of the atomic bomb," he told Motherboard in an earlier interview, "is how easy they are to make.”

WATCH Coster-Mullen's interview with Motherboard, above.