08/13/2012 09:18 am ET Updated Aug 13, 2012

LeBron James Wins A Gold Medal, Can't Stop Being Happy (PHOTOS)

When LeBron James won his much-coveted first NBA championship in June, he was happy. Really, really happy. But it didn't even sink in until the following day, according to his Twitter account.

That wasn't the case in London on Sunday. If you thought you'd see LeBron happy before, think again. With a smile as big as a basketball, our fave Miami Heatle whooped his way around the court after defeating Spain for a gold medal, hugged everyone in sight (even Kobe, who we imagine turns into a porcupine at the first human touch), ran around with a flag cape, molested his gold medal, and even buried his face in some flowers. Yes, LeBron has found his happy place, and here's hoping he wants to stay in it forever. Someone's gotta make up for the Dolphins.

Of course, LeBron being LeBron, haters gonna hate, and others are going to keep pushing the narrative for yucks:

We can't dispute this -- LeBron has not, in fact, won at that level yet. That's okay, though. Just look at this face! Here are 23 photos of our millionaire athlete, as giddy as a schoolboy over winning Olympic gold:

Happy LeBron Wins Gold Medal